• The rules of Kijiji…

    Saturday, March 29, 2014

    Julia & I decided back in the fall that since we had been in our house for a year, it was time to purge some things that we hadn’t used since moving in to said house. I started going through some boxes that had tagged along with me since moving from 2005 when I first […]

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  • Meatless Monday – Mar 10

    Saturday, March 22, 2014

    With Meatless Monday’s becoming a staple in our house, I asked Dave if there was anything in particular that he fancied for dinner. He said he was interested in something savoury and baked with Mexican spices, so after consulting Pinterest, my general ‘go-to’ for recipes, I found a Mexican Meatless loaf. I had a hunch […]

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  • Meatless Monday – March 3

    Monday, March 17, 2014

    Tonight’s meatless Monday meal was based on one ingredient: Swiss chard. I usually spend some time over the weekend planning our meals for the week and constructing our grocery list based on the upcoming menu. I bought Swiss chard when we were doing our grocery shopping, so I Googled “Swiss chard” to see what kind […]

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  • The day our family grew by one…

    Thursday, March 13, 2014

    Almost six months ago, Julia & I became parents and thus really became a family. I know that a family doesn’t have to include a baby, we still considered ourselves a ‘family’ with just the two of us and our cats, Chugger & Georgia. But having a baby really cemented the fact that we were […]

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  • Meatless Monday – Feb 24, 2014

    Monday, March 3, 2014

    Quinoa Stuffed Bell peppers were on the menu for Monday. I admit that the dish doesn’t sound appetizing, but it’s one that is both healthy and meatless, so it fit with our ongoing Meatless Monday theme. I have made stuffed peppers before, so I knew it met my dinner criteria – quick and fresh! My […]

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St. Maarten, 2011 – Day #8

Saturday, October 1, 2011 – Our alarm went off at 8am this morning, so that we had ample time to finish packing our suitcase and gather up our carry-on items. We took our beach towels back to the towel stand and then headed to the front desk to check out. We hadn’t used the phone […]

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Sunset - Simpson Bay, St. Maarten

St. Maarten, 2011 – Day #7

Friday, September 30, 2011 – With today being our last official day in St. Maarten, we opted to get up a little earlier today and make the scenic drive around the perimeter of the island to Philipsburg. We were out of the room by 11am, and on our way. The drive was nice & relaxing, […]

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Laura in Kenya, 2013: Day 16-20

Day 16 – Learning to fight like a Warrior It was very chilly and cloudy this morning. I was actually quite shocked how cold, especially at night that Kenya can get at times, even though it is so close to the equator. We went on a hike where we learned about the East African Green […]


Laura in Kenya 2013: Day 11-15

Day 11 We spent the morning at the build site continuing the projects already mentioned. Dennis, our foreman, said that the concrete would be ready to pour in the foundation in about three weeks time, about six to seven weeks into the building. Certainly a difference from home, when you would have it dug, built […]


Laura in Kenya 2013: Day 6-10

Day 6 – Water Today we woke up and had a hearty breakfast in preparation for our water walk. We met up with two local Maasai mamas, Selena and Jacqueline.  With many twenty-litre Jerry cans in tow we set out on the three kilometre walk to get water. It was quite the trek over the […]


Laura in Kenya, 2013: Day 1-5

Day 1 – Departing 26 youth, from all over Canada, with all different backgrounds met in an airport, and the only joining factor at first is their desire to change the world. As I approached the group, my stomach was in knots. What to expect, what to think? I had done goodbyes and hello’s before, […]

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